If anyone knows the answer to this question, please enlighten me, because I would truly like to know

I am in no way advocating "Weapons of Mass Destruction" for anyone because I don't believe any country should have them, but why is it the United States can tell other countries that it's not alright for them to have or develop these "WMD's", but yet it's ok for the United States to develop or have "WMD's" of their own? Last time I checked, if you are in any way going to use one of these "WMD's", it is going to be used against another country. I mean, let's get real, no one is going to make a "WMD" to just look at and admire it, they are making it to use against anyone else in case they may need to.

If no one answers me, it's ok, I just really needed to get this off my chest, because lately I have become more and more angry with the way the United States and it's people(not all, mind you) believe they are the best country in the world and all other countries are second best and should be run by the United States standards. Many people may disagree with me, but I just don't that's right.

That's all.
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Good thing the paparazzi don't have to deal with me, because I wouldn't have just poked him in the chest or grabbed his arm, I would have slammed his head into the ground. It's one thing to take pictures of celebrity, but it becomes a whole other thing when you bring their children into it. I think it's absolutely disgusting how far the paparazzi will go to get pictures of celebrities and their families, but it's even more disgusting that they are allowed to do these things and it's the celebrity who gets in trouble if they try to stop the paparazzi.
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I love when...

I get in my obsession phase with classic movies/actors!

I wish they would go back to making pictures and stars like they did in the 30's-60's, but I know they will never be able to do that again for as long as movies are around.

In particular, I am currently again infatuated with Joan Crawford. She was and still is a one of a kind, there will truly never be another actress or a beauty like her.
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I just had the shock of my life when I inadvertently walked in during the previews of next weeks SVU to see none other than Isabelle Huppert!

Let's just say the neighbors probably heard me.

Did anyone else not know that she was going to be on there and if you did, why didn't you inform someone like me who had no idea?
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I have had...

the best birthday ever!

First off, I turned 21 so I got to buy alcohol from the store and order it in the restaurant.

Secondly, I got the best gifts I've ever gotten this year! I got: Glee the first season, It's Complicated DVD, and $121.

I don't think any of my future birthdays can ever live up to this one!

P.S.- Another thing that's great about this birthday is the fact that Betty White is hosting SNL and it's fucking awesome!
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